Before meeting the TLA consultants and working on the TLA curriculum, I thought I was doing a decent job of teaching my students about words, sounds, letters, rules etc. I was using a well known phonics program which – as I compared it to the TLA curriculum, didn’t have the deep insight that TLA brought to the table. [After TLA], I felt that for once, I was teaching phonics to kids…  I also know that my students were more engaged.

Rick Weir, Cambridge Public Schools

I would be lost without it. It really focuses in on what I NEED to know to be successful on the test. I really don’t have the time to dig around the internet, or seek out a million sources to study, nor do I have the time to have to take the test multiple times. From my success on the practice test, I feel that I’ve been set up to do well.

Pre-service Teacher
The Foundations of Reading workshop taught by Jen Yaeger was one of the best courses I have taken. Jen is a wonderful instructor who puts sincere thought into her pacing, presentation and instruction of the material. I am feeling much more confident going into this test because of her, thank you!
Best Course I’ve Taken

WOW!!! This is an amazing resource! [Jen’s] interaction and ease of instruction is just what I needed to boost my confidence going into the test. I highly recommend that anyone wanting to feel more confident in the content and test process, take this workshop. Also, I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to be a better educator and/or reading instructor. Thank you for the opportunity!

Just What I Needed